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Automatic Sash Closer

National Fire Protection, May 2000

NFPA 45 - Laboratories Using Chemicals

6-8.3     Laboratory hood sashes shall be kept closed whenever possible. When a fume hood is unattended, its sash shall remain fully closed.

Iroquois Hoods is now offering the New-Tech Automatic Sash Positioning System (ASPS™) which protect lab technicians by automatically closing the sash when they walk away.   Thus, a closed sash protects them from the hazards within the fume hood. In addition to closing the sash, the ASPS™ detects the technician approaching the fume hood and automatically opens the sash.   This leaves their hands free and creates a barrier-free work environment. 

In high traffic areas, a push button is added to activate the sash opening function. When the ASPS ™ is installed on a fume hood with Variable Air Volume (VAV) fume hood controls for constant face velocity, the savings in energy can pay for the ASPS™ in typically less than two years when compared to an open sash.

automatic sash closer