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Radioisotope Fume Hood

The Iroquois radioisotope fume hood is designed for safe and convenient handling of low-level radioactive material.  Based on our LA-series superstructure, it features a one-piece Type 304 stainless steel interior with coved corners and integral work surface.  Access to plumbing is through exterior access panels only. 

radioisotope fume hood

Standard features include:

  • One-piece, 16-gage Type 304 stainless steel interior – coved corners welded to dished, reinforced countertop with integral cupsink, all polished to #4 finish
  • Two-piece stainless steel baffle system with adjustable upper and lower dampers to regulate lighter- and heavier-than-air gases
  • Side post electrical and plumbing knockouts – on bias surface; in standard or ADA configuration
  • Bypass grill with adjustable louvers to control bypass air volume
  • Full frame, stainless steel vertical sash with integral stainless steel finger pull
  • Stainless steel sash guides, lower airfoil, duct collar
  • Sash/counterweight pulley system utilizing four 2 ½”-diameter pulleys for one-finger sash movement; full-width counterweight featuring “Tilt-Lock” for additional safety and durability
  • Vapor-proof fluorescent light fixture – 2’ or 4’ (bulbs not included)

Optional equipment includes:

  • Electrical switches and receptacles
  • Remote-controlled plumbing fixtures, with chrome outlets.  Pre-piped hard copper with soldered joints.
  • Sash stop
  • Ceiling enclosure
  • Air velocity monitor/alarm
  • Automatic sash closer
  • Cabinets – complete line of metal laboratory casework, including hood base, acid storage and flammable storage cabinets
  • Blowers – selected to match hood and ductwork configuration, corrosive or ignitable exhaust fume